iD Portal Announcement

Beginning November 1st:

• All case initiation and CT data will be submitted through the iD Portal. If you do not have an iD Portal account, please contact your Stryker Sales Representative.
• Any case which is already active as of November 1st will be entered into the iD Portal, giving you visibility to all of your cases in process.
• We’ve streamlined the information needed to initiate a case! The TMJ Concepts Order Form will be replaced by a simplified iD Portal initiation page.
• All communications and approvals can be managed through iD Portal. You will receive approval emails directly from the portal or from your Sales Representative.

Please contact your local Stryker Sales Representative or contact us at (800)-962-6558 or if you do not know who your local Representative is.

TMJ Concepts Acquired By Stryker FAQs

• TMJ Concepts was acquired by Stryker on April 5, 2021
• TMJ Concepts will remain in Ventura, CA
• You may continue to use your preferred modeling and planning vendor
• The TMJ Concepts staff and management team will remain in place. We will receive additional resources   and teammates as we work through the integration
• You will now have increased logistical and sales support from the Stryker team
• Contact TMJ Concepts’ customer service team if you want a Stryker sales representative to reach out to   you

We are committed to continuing the same high level of customer service and quality product that you have come to know and expect from TMJ Concepts. Please contact us if you would like to discuss any details related to this acquisition.


This need for communication with our customers is critically important for surgeons planning 2-staged procedures resulting in patients being placed in MMF for a period of time. In order to keep the time between 1st and 2nd stage procedures to the absolute minimum, please consult with TMJ Concepts Management or Engineering staff before scheduling the 1st stage surgery.